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ClickbankList automatorMorning,

If you’re in the fitness marketing arena, chances are…you promote other fitness professional products along with yours.

Sometimes I’ll bet you even add killer bonuses too!

But let me now ask you…how do you verify the customer really DID buy thru your link?

And once they DID buy…how do you deliver your fitness bonuses?

Wouldn’t it be peachy if it was ALL automated?

If you answered YES to that question…

Click HERE to be utterly and totally AMAZED!


Barbara Ling

Posted on : Apr 23 2009
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Submitting your fitness blog to free respected blog directories

Free!One of the best ways to get more visitors to your site is to ensure your link shows up in relevant fitness directories!

And the good news is, many of those directories have high page rank and can deliver good-quality traffic as well.

I posted a bit about this over at Submit your blogs to free directories - you’ll see links like

RSSTop55 - Best Blog Directory And RSS Submission Sites - Robin Good’ Sharewood Tidings

Definitely check it out - you’ll find the resources most helpful indeed. Read more »

Posted on : Apr 20 2009
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Transforming Your Fitness Site Into a Paid Premium Site

Premium MembershipDo you post heavily on your fitness blog or fitness site…and wish there was yet another way for you to make money with your passion?

One of the growing trends that I’ve been noticing online is that of paid premium content and free content…all on the same site!

I wrote extensively about that over at

Offer PREMIUM Content via these 7 Wordpress Membership Plugins/Software Goodies

and wanted to touch more on that for the fitness industry.

Think about it.  Read more »

Make money with your own “Already Done For You” Fitness Bootcamp!

Fitness Bootcamp!Now this is great news!

One of my favorite Fitness authors, Craig Ballantyne, has just released his (and I quote)

Who Else Wants to Make $125, $175, $220, or More Per Hour Using “Done-For-YouTurbulence Training Bootcamp WorkoutsWithout Spending a Single Penny on Exercise Equipment?

Discover the “NO-equipment necessary” bootcamp style workouts of the world’s most popular home workout program, Turbulence Training, and you’ll be on your way to making over $100 dollars per hour running bootcamps with almost ZERO expenses!

What I like with this particular product is Read more »

Posted on : Apr 16 2009
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Some great affiliate marketing forums to help with fitness marketing

Beginners Affilate marketingAre you trying to make money with your fitness blog or site via affilate marketing?

If so, there are some really useful affiliate marketing forums/blogs that can really help guide you along.


Do yourself Read more »

Posted on : Apr 15 2009
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Self Defense, Fitness and YouTube Video Marketing!

Quick!  Have you ever seen:

This has to be one of my all-time favorite Monty Python videos! 

Of course, it’s from YouTube

You’re probably familiar with it, right?  The neat thing about Youtube is that  Read more »

Posted on : Apr 14 2009
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Beef up your Fitness subscribers via a Why Subscribe Page

Why Subscribe?If you’re running a fitness or health blog, chances are….you want subscribers. 

Lots and lots of subscribers.

In other words, you want people to add your blog to their feed-reader so that whenever you publish a new post, they’re automatically alerted to that fact.

Luckily, this is easy to do!  You see, blogs come equipped with feeds - all a visitor has to do to add a new blog like yours to their reader is click on the Add a Subscription button at the top left like so:

Google Reader

Thus, you as a fitness blogger/fitness marketer/etc. want to encourage as many people as possible to add your fitness blog feed.

There are several ways to help this along!  One way is to spell out in plain simple terms what benefits they’ll receive should they sign up. 

I do that myself on many of my sites!  For example, here on the Fitness Brainery you can see that link right next to eZine….it reads Subscribe.  And when you visit it, you’ll see: Read more »

Posted on : Apr 13 2009
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Give Fitness Goodies Freely and Profit Long Term


If you’re in the Fitness business, chances are…you have a list.  A wondrous list, a list to which you market every week or so, a list that might be your newsletter subscribers, your 7 Day eClass subscribers, etc.etc.etc.  Right?

Now, a list is great not only to remind people to buy…but also to build your reputation as the presenter of solid fitness information as well as great fitness resources.  And one of the best ways to generate long term good-will is to every now and then:

Simply give away the knowledge you have with no strings attached.

The benefits to this are many!  Read more »

Posted on : Apr 12 2009
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Adding powerful fitness affiliate stores to your site the easy way

Fitness StoreQuick!  Check out my Fitness Store!

Ain’t it purty like? 

The great news is that every single sale I make thru it…I get commissions via 

Amazon is HUGE for the fitness market!  Read more »

Posted on : Apr 10 2009
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Get Fit WITHOUT Exercise!!! (humor)

Fitness!Brief, pithy and to the point - ever want to see just how far someone can take the "lose weight with zero effort"…past the realms of sheer insanity?

That’s what I did for April Fools!  Thus, allow me to direct you to (drumroll please!)

Rainbows follow ME in search of GOLD - Make Money and Lose Weight

I sure had a fun time writing it, let me tell you!  Last year, my April Fools Joke was the launch of the incredible Twitter Budgie site…believe it or not, those crafty critters really do live in my office and fly laps around my kitchen.  See them below!

What is TwitterBudgie?

Anywhos, hopefully this week I’ll be back to sharing more great fitness and workout resources.  But for the meanwhile, do enjoy the joke post above!

Barbara Ling

ps - and if that’s not enough fitness for you, check out:

Maximize Your Metabolism - How to Double Your Metabolism in 30 Days or LESS!

Safe and Smart Internet Weight Loss Edge - No Hype, Just What Works - The Safe and Smart Way To Succeed With Losing Weight

Original Turbulence Training - Lose fat and gain muscle without cardio. Discover the cardio free fat loss workouts using weight training exercise and interval training to burn fat, get rid of stubborn belly fat, and build muscle.

Firm and Flatten Your Abs - Quickly Shrink Your Waistline, Lose Body Fat, Eliminate Low Back Pain And Develop A Stunning Set of Six Pack Abs While Gaining Strength, Muscle Tone And Raw Athletic Power At The Same Time.


Posted on : Apr 02 2009
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