Bricklaying Fitness from 1901 using Therbligs

Signed Brick!Morning!

Have you ever considered manual labor to be an excellent means of fitness? 

Think about, oh, say, brick-laying - done properly, it can work your entire core, individual muscles, enable you to smoothly execute motions that actually end up delivering a solid, physical result and more!

I’m particularly fond of brick-laying as an exercise, not because I do it myself, but because of this particular clip. Read more »

Posted on : Mar 29 2009
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Trampoline fitness even an elephant can do

Elephant jumping on a trampolineMorning!

Have you ever seen (gasp!  Dare I say it) Urban Rebounding?

For the usual human bean, it can be called "jumping on a mini-trampoline to get your heart-rate up".

But!  For those brave and intrepid few, it can mean,

To Boldy Go Where Elephants Fear To Tread!

In other words, Read more »

Posted on : Mar 10 2009
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Running the Mooses

Running the MoosesOne of the best things you can do for keeping your family fit and healthy is to incorporate exercise that’s ideally more thrilling for all than shoving toothpicks up your nose.  The question becomes, however…what works best?

In my family, enter the mooses!

You see, a few months ago we adopted two rescue doggies - a white rocket husky named Grif, and a Malamoose named Khan (a malamute/collie cross who dwarfs your typical run-of-the-mill moose).  Both are young healthy vibrant rescue dogs, and both doggies *adore* running.

Well!  We have a nearby fenced in baseball diamond in our nearby fenced in park.  So….every morning, I hitch up the mooses to their leads and jog them to this area and let ‘em go!

Talk about whoosh - the doggies are like blinding flashes of lightning as they bound every which way.  And because my kids and I had jogged to the park as well, we all get in our exercise too.

That’s not the only way in which we include the mooses in our activities - we also moose-wrestle and run them up and the down the streets as well (Iditarod, anyone?  :)  ).  It really helps keep my family on their toes!


Barbara Ling

ps - speaking about running the fitness in general, have you seen:

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Posted on : Mar 01 2009
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