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Give Fitness Goodies Freely and Profit Long Term


If you’re in the Fitness business, chances are…you have a list.  A wondrous list, a list to which you market every week or so, a list that might be your newsletter subscribers, your 7 Day eClass subscribers, etc.etc.etc.  Right?

Now, a list is great not only to remind people to buy…but also to build your reputation as the presenter of solid fitness information as well as great fitness resources.  And one of the best ways to generate long term good-will is to every now and then:

Simply give away the knowledge you have with no strings attached.

The benefits to this are many!  Sure, you might not make an immediate income from fitness product sales, but your email could go viral should your recipients share all the great resources with THEIR network.

I did this myself today!  Yesterday afternoon, I had received email from Dave Thomas, a product developer over in England.  He sent an email to his list that offered, not a promotion, but simply a list of all the free tools he himself uses on a daily basis.  In other words, it was a free gift of goodwill.

When I received his email, I was immediately struck by the benefits of it, and decided to write my own list of freebies I use and send it to my list instead!  You can see the whole story behind that over at

Profit by goodwill - give freely to your list subscribers

It includes the email I sent - I encourage you to click on over and read it in its entirety - you’ll see some useful list formatting techniques and marketing ideas as well.

Now, here comes the most important question!

Can you do the same thing for YOUR fitness list members?

Can you offer them fitness-related goodies for free with no strings attached?  It’s really a great way to reward your subscribers…and that by itself will generate good will by the bushel.

Want some ideas of good fitness freebies to offer?  Well then, let’s explore the following.

Do your fitness list subscribers exercise?  Direct them to free workout tunes sites:

Do they want to count calories instead?  Consider sending them to:

Do they use iPhones?  They might enjoy:

Are they open to finding out about great fitness discounts?  Although offline now, when Video Fitness comes back, they have a great bargain watch for all things fitness. 

What about Do It Yourself goodies?    While it’s great to buy nifty neato fitness tools, clever individuals can also build workout resources for themselves.  Check out:

With some time and creativity, you’re sure to come up with ideas your list will enjoy…and remember you for days, weeks and months in the future.  And that of course is a Very Good Thing indeed!


Barbara Ling

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Posted on : Apr 12 2009
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