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Adding powerful fitness affiliate stores to your site the easy way

Fitness StoreQuick!  Check out my Fitness Store!

Ain’t it purty like? 

The great news is that every single sale I make thru it…I get commissions via Amazon.com. 

Amazon is HUGE for the fitness market!  Weight lifting equipment, home gyms, Workout DVDs, Ellipticals, you name it….you can probably find it on Amazon.com.

What I use is this tool HERE.  It allows you to build a custom store out of anything Amazon in a matter of minutes!    You can add any number of categories or brand names…and even tweak the header of your site as I did to encourage an optin signup for a newsletter or ebook as well.

I wrote more about it at my own personal review at my Affiliate Marketing site.  You can see that I’ve easily been able to change the categories and look/feel with the greatest of ease like so:

As you can see, it’s highly versatile indeed.

Thus, if you have your own fitness blog or site or what have you, you should definitely check out this tool and increase your fitness affiliate commissions.  It’s a very good thing indeed!

Click HERE to check it out!


Barbara Ling

ps - speaking about fitness affiliate marketing, have you seen:




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Posted on : Apr 10 2009
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  1. Andrew on 11.04.2009 at 00:01 (Reply)


    Your own online fitness store through Amazon.com?

    Sounds like a wonderful tool, particularly given the versatility that you describe.

    1. admin on 11.04.2009 at 04:02 (Reply)

      Yep, ain’t it neat? You can make a store thru Amazon.com for just about anything you can imagine. Very powerful indeed.

      Thanks for stopping by, Barbara

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