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Perfect Pushups - The REAL story

Perfect Pushup1Morning!

Have you ever seen the infomercials for Perfect Pushups, those loverly thingees that provide you with handles that rotate and allow you to do rather intense pushups?

I bought them for myself and have to admit - they made pushups ‘way more difficult for me.  I greatly enjoyed teaching my upper body to stabilize itself when executing very *slow* pushups….talk about a killer workout! Read more »

Posted on : Mar 13 2009
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A MILLION Glorious Painful Pushups!

Joys of pushups!Morning!

Betcha that title caught your eye, eh?

If you’ve been around online for more than, oh, say, 4 seconds, and you’re interested in fitness and health, chances are, you’ve come across the site for A Hundred Pushups.

It’s a neat concept - it offers you a Read more »

Posted on : Mar 09 2009
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